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Happy transplants

9604 Us Highway 380, LincolnI have the Adobe home I have always wanted. The spectacular views and
sunsets came with the property!!
Chris Linton - from San Diego to Carrizozo

For us, living in Carrizozo and Lincoln County means adventure, affordability, breathtaking natural beauty,
marvelous new friends and the freedom to live a creative, fulfilling lifestyle.
Hope Delatorre and Andy Jorgensen - from Pleasanton, CA to Carrizozo 

Wallace and Glenna Hall
In winter, transplants from Sidney, Montana to Carrizozo, NM

Carrizozo and vicinity has certain charms in terms of environment, people, and quality of life I really appreciate. Getting situated was made easy by Anne.
Jim Boswell - from Chicago, Illinois to Carrizozo

MaryAnn Schiff - From Montana to Arizona to West Texas. And now Anne has helped me make my 16-year-old dream of living in the shadows of the mountains East of Carrizozo finally come true!

The Avery family. From Houston to Carrizozo. Lost in America. 

I love my new home and driving in from any direction seeing those awesome mountains!
Judy Fitzpatrick - from Atlanta to Carrizozo

We fell in love with the beauty of New Mexico over 10 years ago. We retired in August and after a brief house search, Anne found exactly what we wanted.
We now have the view, quiet, clean air and the friendly people of Carrizozo to enjoy here in the "Land of Enchantment".

Liz and Lionel Nowotny - From Dallas to Carrizozo

We moved to be near friends and because the country is so beautiful here.
Pete and Carolyn Ray
From Morgan, Texas to Carrizozo

"CarriZOZO is an oasis of art and creativity, a perfect LOCATION for re-invention in the 21st century: LANDSCAPE! LIGHT! CAMERA! ACTION! DreamSpace, WE MAKE MOVIES!"
Marc and Julia Cohen -
from New York City to Carrizozo

Moving to Carrizozo allowed us to buy our first house and we are so happy we're here! The people are friendly and the scenery is beautiful!
Andie and Mike Caggiano
from Long Island NY to Carrizozo 

Barry and Dawna Keith from Midland Texas to White Oaks

White Oaks - It's the new LA.
Dale Allen - from Austin, TX to White Oaks

Corinne and John Haley

We found a place with a great climate and beautiful scenery and discovered that the people are just as lovely. Ryder Lemons and Lanelle Hopson-Lemons from Mound, Texas to Carrizozo.

We love the sunshine and having the room to be creative indoors and out. -  Paula Wilson from Chicago and Mike Lagg from Delmont, S.D. to Carrizozo